Lessons at Saffa Blue

Individually tailored lesson plans

Golf Students Putting

Our priority is to make you a better golfer. We understand that golfers are individuals and have different needs to fulfill their golfing dreams. All levels are catered for, in order to create better golfers and better opportunities.

Junior Talent Development Program

Aspiring Students

Gam Chorpraka Jaengjit WAC

The Saffa Blue Golf Junior program is designed to assist players to reach a high level of competition. This program is for players aspiring to reach National, Collegiate or Professional level.

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Tailored Golf Programs for Schools

Amateur Program

Lower Scores, Lower Handicap

Amateur Golfer Trophy Presentation

Amateur lessons are designed for golfers whose main objective is to lower their scores and handicap. This will be achieved with a personalized lesson play between you and your coach to help achieve your goals.

Professional Student Program

Career Guidance, Future Planning

Ye Htet Aung Teeing Off

The Professional Student Program is for touring players which seek a better understanding of their golf game. It is primarily for players seeking advice or guidance for their future career. This comprehensive program comprises: season planning, current and upcoming season, swing and game assessment, goal setting, making plans and tournament scheduling advice.

Contact Koray directly for discussion.

Leisure Golfer Program

Weekend, Social Golfers

Social Golf Lesson Group

For your weekend and social golfers looking to improve a specific area of their game, our Leisure/Social Program is ideal for the beginning golfer, as well as, the more advanced golfer. Whether you would like to increase distance, sharpen your short game skills, better understand course management or you just want to get out of the bunker in one shot.

We want you to tell us what will make you a happier golfer.

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